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Professional freelance proofreaders with proven experience

We know that it is vital your written work is word-perfect. Global Proofreading and Copy-editing will give your work to be checked by professional proofreaders with proven qualifications and experience.


Proofreading comes at the stage in the publishing process where smaller mistakes are identified and corrected on the proofs after the copy-editing stage but before the work is finally printed.

The process of professional proofreading is a highly technical skill which is carried out in all kinds of work from academic textbooks to novels to instruction manuals. If your work is going to be published then it is crucial that it goes through the proofreading stage.

We will match our proofreaders to the work according to their experience. For example if you have a thesis in quantum physics to be checked we will give it to a proofreader with a background of checking scientific documents.

Our proofreaders provide an efficient and accurate check of your document. They will get the job done well within the agreed deadline. They are trained to spot errors or inconsistencies you have missed. These include:

  1. Inconsistencies in the use of names, numbers and non-English words.
  2. Punctuation errors.
  3. Typographical errors or ‘typos’.
  4. Inconsistencies in format, spacing and font.
  5. Spelling errors.

There are two main ways to proofread a document. A hard copy can be sent to the proofreader who then checks the work and corrects the errors on the page with the standard symbols which are widely-known and used by the publishing industry. The other way is online. If you do not know the proofreading symbols we can correct the work on the screen and send it back via the internet without any errors. This is the method we use for our 24-hour express service.

Global Proofreading and Copy-editing has a unique aspect to the overall service we provide: once the proofreaders are sure they have eliminated every error they send the document back to our head office where our quality assurance team, who are also qualified in proofreading, check the work one final time. Following this whole process we can guarantee that your work will now be 100 per cent accurate.