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English language correction for any type of work

If English is not your first language, or if you would like us simply to check your work, we can provide you with an English language correction service.

English correction

This service looks at your work and recommends any changes which need to be made. It may only be a few spelling errors or it could involve rewriting whole paragraphs. As this process is different from copy-editing or proofreading we will agree with you a price before we start work. Please note a minimum charge of £20 applies for shorter documents. We can also agree on a deadline which we guarantee not to change.

We give work needing English language correction to qualified and experienced English language editors. They have experience editing written English in a wide range of styles and know the kinds of common errors to look for when work has been translated from various languages into English.

When checking your work they will make sure:

  1. The style of the document is consistent and appropriate for the intended audience.
  2. The structure of the work is organised in a logical and readable way.
  3. The cohesion and sequencing used are consistent and logical.
  4. Anything which may need to be added or deleted is clearly listed.
  5. The facts are correct and are consistent.
  6. All spelling, grammatical and lexical errors are corrected.

Once they have completed their work the editors send it to our head office where our quality assurance team check everything one final time.

This service will give you complete peace of mind that your work will appear in fluent and idiomatic English. If you have work which needs to be checked and corrected urgently you may want to use our 24 hour express service. We will accept a document of any length up to 50,000 words for express checking.