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Professional freelance copy-editors with proven experience

Copy-editing (also written as copy editing or copyediting) is the stage in the publishing process where the majority of errors and inconsistencies in formatting and style are dealt with. It does not usually involve changing the substance of the text.


The copy-editing stage comes before both typesetting and proofreading and is carried out according to a style guide which has been agreed on by the writer, publisher and copy-editor before starting work.

Professional copy-editing involves a number of skills. An excellent command of the English language is not the only knowledge needed by copy-editors. They also need to have an extensive general knowledge to spot factual errors; critical thinking to recognise any inconsistencies; attention to detail; and a sense of style.

Global Proofreading and Copy-editing will give your work to be looked over by professional copy-editors with proven qualifications and experience. We will match your work with a copy-editor who has experience in that field.

Our copy-editors will go through your work carefully and methodically looking for the following:

  1. The headings, lists, quotations, tables, figures and captions are consistent throughout the document.
  2. Inconsistencies in facts, names, logic and any other details.
  3. The document conforms to any style sheet made available by the publisher (if no style guide has been made available the copy-editor will create one).
  4. Inconsistencies in style.

There are two main ways to copy-edit a document. It can be done the traditional way on a hard-copy using the notation and symbols recognised and used in the publishing industry. The other way is online. Our copy-editors check the work on the screen and send it back via the internet. This is the method we use for our 24-hour express service.

Once the copy-editors have completed their work they send the document back to our head office where our quality assurance team, who are qualified in copy-editing, check the work fully conforms to the style guide. This double-checking of your work gives you complete peace of mind that it will be dealt with professionally and always within the agreed deadline.