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Five reasons to choose a large organisation for all your editing needs

It's tough all round!

It is well known in the editing industry that there is a surplus to requirements; there are far more editors seeking work than there is work available. Many of these editors are freelancers working alone: it's tough for the sole freelancer to find regular work and it's tough for publishers, academics, authors and so on to find reliable and efficient freelancers to meet their needs.

Five reasons to join forces with a large company

Here are five reasons why joining forces with a large company that deals with all aspects of editing would benefit everyone concerned. 

1. Publishers, academics, authors and so on would have the peace of mind that they are dealing with a reliable, well-established and efficient organisation.

2. The company would have a database of editors who specialise in all areas; publishers, academics or authors would have the opportunity to choose to work with a specialist editor on their particular project.

3. Large companies generally charge competitive rates and are able to offer discounts as and when appropriate or necessary.

4. Freelancers would be able to become a member of a large company and have all the stress and expense of marketing themselves taken away at a stroke. 

5. There would be ongoing support for freelancers in the form of ongoing professional development and access to the relevant members of staff for any advice.

Global Proofreading and Copy-editing Ltd. ticks all of the above boxes. We are a well-established, UK-based company with a four-year track record of satisfied customers from all over the world. We have around 500 editors on our books, many of whom are extremely well qualified and experienced in specialist areas. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry with many discounts available. 

We welcome anyone to join forces with us: freelancers, academic institutions, publishers, authors, in fact anyone in the editing industry!