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Chinese English

Chinese English, or ‘Chinglish’, is the spoken or written English language that is influenced by the Chinese language. In Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong it refers mostly to Cantonese-influenced English. It often consists of remarkably creative and idiosyncratic English in Chinese situations.  Read more

Canadian English

Canadian English is made up of the varieties of the English language native to Canada. There are two main official languages in Canada: English and French. There are also nine recognized regional aboriginal languages. English is the first language of approximately nineteen million Canadians out of a total population of thirty-five million.  Read more

New Zealand English

New Zealand English is the dialect of the English language spoken by most of its 4.75 million inhabitants. There are three official languages in New Zealand: English, New Zealand Sign Language and te reo Maori. English is the first language of the majority of the population.  Read more

Australian English

Australian English is the de facto official language of Australia and, although it has no official status in the Constitution, is the first language of the majority of the 24 million people living there.  Read more